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Below follows useful information on Galaxa Media.

Galaxa Media is the score division of Galaxa Design, a company specialised in the design and manufacture of two- and three-dimensional creative expressions. In addition to publishing books and other mainstream publishing products on paper or electronically.

Contacting the publishing house is the easiest and fastest by email.
This is the email address.

Our postal address is:
Galaxa Media
9 Place de la Liberté
03130 Montcombroux les Mines

By telephone we can be reached by this number: this fixed line *)
For text messages and whatsapp: this mobile number *).

*) Look in the bar at the bottom of your browser to see the number, if you are working via a computer.
Not always available on the fixed number and sometimes even for the mobile (whatsapp, sms) some patience is required.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but too much telephone spam.

Chambre of Commerce number in the Netherlands: 56173520

VAT number: only stated on the bill, because of possible identity fraud

BUMA/STEMRA number: 2258784
ISMN number: 9790803557

Legal notice:
All scores are protected by a registered ISBN number. This concerns the protection of the physical scores. We assume you understand that copying a strictly forbidden - it equals starving of all those people who have spent so much time creating, producing, editing and publishing these musical works.
In addition, all works are protected by registration at the Dutch Buma/Stemra copyright organisation - both nationally and internationally. This involves the protection of copyright as far as the performing of the work is concerned: after all, the only way for a composer to earn his often endless labour.