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Voorblad Never alone anymore

Never alone anymore

Composer: Aristos Bouïus
Ensemble: Counter tenor (solo) + big mixed choir (SATB) + big concert of church organ
Published: July 2018
Text: Nicolas Lange / Aristos Bouïus
Duration: ±22,5 minuten
ISBN: 9789461331205
ISMN: 9790803557078

Complete score A4: 86 pagina's
Complete score A3: 86 pagina's
Solist: 18 pagina's
Koor A4: 18 pagina's
Orgel A4: 24 pagina's

Listen here to the music:

Please note:
This music is an electronic representation and is therefore not comparable to a human version!
For example, one does not hear the words of the sung text by the choir, but only "aah" and "ooh".
The instruments, on the other hand, are quite realistic thanks to the latest electronics.
It remains, however, that the whole of the interpretation of the conductors/musicians is missing and therefore may sound somewhat sterile

© The complete copyright of the music (also this electronic version) has been deposited. This means that you can only listen but not use it nor partially, nor completely for your own purposes. Let alone that you use it for your own performances or productions.
For citation rights please contact the publisher and the Buma/Stemra organization in the Netherlands.

Prices of the score per copy:

Score Number Prise (incl. 6% BTW)

Complete Score A4 9789461331205-P-NL € 45,-
Complete Score A3 9789461331205-XL-NL € 65,-
Solo 9789461331205-S-NL € 4,50
Choir 9789461331205-C-NL € 5,50
Orgel 9789461331205-I-NL € 12,50

This work is also available in Dutch, French and German.
Prices for the score are the same.